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  • About Therap Medic

    Therapmedic was born in Venezuela in 2001 as an independent company founded by a Dermathologist that studied and worked as a medical doctor in Venezuela, Argentina, Spain, Israel and Italy.

    Soon Therapmedic found its true vocation for skin health and how we could enhance women and men beauty. This means that since the beginning of its existence  the company always looked out for products, equipments and treatments that could bring beauty with harmony and health using the latest breakthroughs of technology both in equipments and products.

    Therap Medic in Venezuela had a huge growth delivering always to the medical market products, equipments and service that made the company one of the most successful in its field. The name Therapmedic is a symbol of trust and quality still today in Venezuela despite all the problems over the last years in this country. We hope to restore normality and grow businesses in all Latin American countries.

    Therapmedic decided to expand to the most interesting market In the world, the United States of America and in May 2011 started the operations mainly with equipments for aesthetics medicine.

    Huge investments have been done in USA to allow the training of very well prepared professionals go to tradeshows all over the country and all

    sort of marketing activities. In fact Therapmedic saw a very satisfactory growth in the first years of its existence and because of the deteoration Of the economy in Venezuela Therapmedic decided to focus the operations in the North American market and run both companies from Miami FL.

    The company professionalized itself, major changes have been made over the last years. New providers with the latest technologies have joined our team and the company is always looking out for new products that can bring more value to the treatments and to the patients.

    Therapmedic is now one major distributor of products and equipments for the Aesthetics Medicine market with solutions that really work.

    Therapmedic is now focused in the following range of offerings:

    Whole range of products and Equipments for Aesthetics Medicine dedicated to all Aesthetics professionals.
    All our products have been tested and approved by our scientific board and are produced in certified labs.
    Therapmedic has a complete line of products for professional use and home care.
    Contact us or register in our website to see all our updated offers.

    Why choose us?

    • 1 All the possibilities for you.
    • 2 All the solutions for your patients.
    • 3 Manufacturing and distribution.
    • 4 Cutting edge technology in equipments at your fingertips
    • 5 More than 20 years experience in the industry.

    What Makes Us Special?

    That’s easy, once a professional becomes a Therapmedic customer gets a full support of advise and consultancy on what to do with which product or which type of treatment for a specific case. This means that the professional is not alone anymore. All the doubts, advises, protocols and full support will be given when asked. Now that’s a huge differential in the market.

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    Customer Support


    990 Biscayne Boulevard, 5th floor, office 501
    Miami FL 33132
    +1-786-925-1639 (Office)


    Avenida Manongo c/c calle Libra
    # 163-20. Urbanizacion Trigal Norte.
    Valencia – Estado – Carabobo.
    Telefono Oficina : +58-241-843-5596