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This document refers to the use of the website www.therapmedic.com, its services, products and equipment.

The website is owned by the company:

TherapDerma Lda (Portugal)
Rua dos Lagares d’El Rey, nº 21 C, 1st Left
1700 268 Lisbon
NIPC: 516108697

What we sell:

We sell aesthetic and cosmetic equipment with the respective authorizations and certificates and in accordance with the information provided by the manufacturer. Our products are intended for treatments for external application to the skin, therefore external use with micro needles or dermaroll or electroporation. These techniques do not require a special license as they are considered cosmetic. We also provide advice to our customers on how to apply various aesthetic and cosmetic products and we do not charge for this as long as it is a customer of ours, unless this transmission of knowledge is done through face-to-face or online courses.
We also provide assistance to the equipment and give a 24-month warranty on the equipment, as this is exactly what we receive from the manufacturer.
Finally, we provide training and consultancy in the field of aesthetics and cosmetics. We help our customers to know how to perform the best treatments with equipment and products to obtain the best results with patients/clients. These trainings and consultations can be carried out in person, via Zoom or TEAMS or by phone or whatsapp and also via email.

Purchase currency:

Depending on the country where the customer is located, the purchase will be made in the currency of that country equivalent to USD or au Euro depending on the country in which they are located. Normally for Latin American or North American customers the USD will be used, for European customers and the rest of the world the currency to be used for billing will be the Euro.
Customer service contact information
All our customers can contact our services via Phone, Whatsapp or mail:
Phones and Whatsapp:
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]

Depending on the customer’s location, we will provide an address in the US, Europe or Latin America where the customer can send the products or equipment for returns, complaints or for technical service assistance (in the case of equipment).

Our Customer Relationship Compliance Policies

Our sales process:

Our products, as we explained earlier, are considered cosmetics for external use and can help correct some skin symptoms such as ACNE, melasma, etc. We always sell by phone, Whatsapp or the website www.therapmedic.com for our registered customers. It is not possible to buy through the website if the customer is not duly registered and approved by TherapDerma / TherapMedic. Our sales process is as follows:

Daily we send email marketing campaigns by email via Godaddy, text messages or whatsapp messages and we also use social networks for this (Instagram and Facebook). Our campaigns are publicity campaigns for our companies TherapMedic and TherapDerma, they disclose important information about the company, its products, equipment or services provided to customers. Many of these product or equipment campaigns show the “before” and “after” of using the products or equipment. Professionals in the area of ​​aesthetics use this information disclosed in campaigns or in any other way to see how they can help clients or patients to improve their beauty appearance with Harmony and always respecting the health of the patient / client and using the most advanced technologies .

Customers call by phone or whatsapp and ask about the product, how to use it, receive guidance on whether that product or treatment with equipment is good for a specific pathology of the patient/specific customer or whether they should use another one that is more recommended according to our specialists with experience in more than 25 years in the market of aesthetics and aesthetic medicine.
Once the customer agrees, after consultation with our experts, that the product will help their business, they place an order over the phone or through the website.

We receive the money related to the order by Zelle transfer (USA) or MBway (Portugal) or credit card payment and we ship it by regular mail or by freight forwarding companies such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX or another one more indicated according to the location of the customer. Order can be shipped with next day delivery or 3 day delivery (customer option) and subject to payment of shipping services that have been selected.
We invoice the customer through our system and, if the customer so wishes, we send by email the receipt of the products sold and the photo of the delivery note with the tracking number of the package so that the customer can follow the delivery status on the website of the transport company.
We always check that what the customer fits the specifications of our equipment or products and ALWAYS provide training for the equipment or products before use. Even if the client needs further training or clarification, we will provide all the necessary support: We do this to ensure that the equipment or product used in patient / client treatments obtains the maximum result

If, by chance, the stock of the product or equipment purchased by the customer is out of stock, we will notify the customer within a maximum period of 24 hours and give the customer the option of waiting for the stock to be replenished within the period that the manufacturer gives us. or refund the amounts paid

Refund policy

If the customer does not receive the product sent by the selected carrier or by the customer or TherapDerma / TherapMedic, we will refund the customer immediately by bank transfer using Zelle, we will refund the amount paid by credit or debit card through the billing system used , or we will send you a new package containing exactly what the customer ordered and paid for. This is valid for Equipment and Products.
The same policy is applied in the case of a defective product, after completion of the investigation process with the manufacturer or internal analysis of what happened.
Regarding the courses that we regularly promote, we charge for these courses before they are carried out, as there may be professionals who, after the training, can ask for a refund of the money and there is no way to withdraw all the knowledge that the client acquired in the sessions already taught by competent professionals in each area. of knowledge. We only use highly qualified professionals for the courses. In 20 years we have never received any complaints because once the client pays for the first training, he can always repeat the same course for as long as he wants so as not to lose any information that may be useful to him in the exercise of his duties.

Return policy

If, by chance, a customer wants to return the equipment, we will deduct the use of the equipment, as it has an internal counter that counts how many hours of use it has for the radio frequency equipment and will charge per shot in the case of IPL Machines or diode laser. In the case of Radiofrequency, the charge will be USD 100 / 100 Euros per hour and in the case of IPL or Diode Laser, USD 10 / 10 Euros will be charged per registered shot. All return costs will be borne by the customer, as we always deliver the equipment and give the necessary technical and medical training to those who purchase equipment from our company. If training has already been provided for the equipment in question, the training fee of 5000 USD or 5000 Euros will be deducted, depending on the customer’s location.

Regarding training or consulting, we charge for training before training because there may be professionals who would ask for a refund after the training and there is no way to remove all the knowledge that the client acquired in our sessions. We use only highly qualified professionals for training. In 20 years we have never received any complaints because once the customer pays for the first training, he can always repeat the same training for as long as he wants so as not to miss anything.
If, by chance, the customer wants to return the products, we will refund the customer for all products, provided they are intact and in a condition to be resold to another customer. If the package is damaged for reasons that have to do with the customer, we will not refund the amount, except in the case of product or equipment defect. In these non-refund cases, cases where the customer opens the package normally and carefully as expected are not included.

In the case of a defective product (product applied but no noticeable effect), our specialists investigate the product, the manufacturer’s batch, check with the manufacturer any production problems (within a maximum period of 3 working days) and, in case the customer That’s right, we refund the customer immediately, either by credit card refund or by bank transfer from Zelle or MBway, so the customer can get his money immediately. Upon customer preference, we can resend a new product or equipment free of charge for the customer to replace the defective or missing product or equipment.

Delivery policy

We only provide consultancy or training upon payment of the service.
Once the customer pays for the products, and depending on the time of day the customer places the order, we will ship the same day, next day delivery or 3-day express service, depending on the customer’s option with corresponding freight payment .
If the customer does not receive his product for any reason, we send the same products free of charge to the customer if it is proven that the customer did not receive the products or equipment. This investigation is carried out before the services of the shipping company. If, by chance, the customer wants to return the products, we will refund the customer for all products that are intact and good for resale. If the package is damaged in an unusual way by carefully opening it as expected, we do not refund except in case of product defect.

For equipment we always sell equipment with a down payment of 50 to 100% and the rest upon delivery of the equipment. The equipment, once paid for, is ordered from the manufacturer. Equipment will be checked upon arrival at our facility. Once approved by our technical team, it will be sent to the customer. As soon as the customer receives the equipment, we will go to the customer and give the customer the necessary “in loco” training. This training is medical and operational training. At the end of the training we will deliver a certificate to the people who participated in the training along with some written material.

Cancellation policy

If, after the customer has placed the order, he decides to cancel the order, we will cancel the order internally, free of charge, if payment has not been made. This is valid for products, equipment and training.
For products: If customers have already paid for the products, we will refund the customer the full amount by bank transfer via Zelle or MBway or refund to the debit or credit card used for payment, depending on the customer’s choice, as long as the money has already been credited in our bank account. If the products have already been shipped, please refer to our RETURN POLICY.
For equipment: if the equipment was ordered but not paid for by the manufacturer, we will refund the customer the full amount at no charge. If the customer has already paid at least 50% for the equipment and we have already ordered and paid for the equipment to the manufacturer, we cannot refund the customer right away, as these are the conditions that the customer agreed to in the first place. We can help the customer sell the equipment to someone else or refund the customer the amount paid if the company has another customer to sell to.

Legal or export restrictions applicable to our business

Disputes will be decided in a Portuguese court, as we have a company operating in Portugal.
In the case of export, if payment has been made, there will be no refunds or returns, except for defective equipment or products.
Our website privacy policy
Please consult the document on our website.

Our contacts:

TherapMedic C.A. (Venezuela)
Avenida Manongo c/c calle Libra
# 163-20. Urbanizacion Trigal Norte.
Valencia – State – Carabobo. Venezuela
Phones: Office: (+58) 414.422.8809
Mobile: (+58) 414.126.9675

TherapMedic LLC (USA)
900 Biscayne Blvd. 0501
Miami FL 33132
Phone: +1-786-546-8347 (also whatsapp)

TherapDerma Lda (Portugal)
Rua dos Lagares d’El Rey, nº 21 C, 1st Left
1700 268 Lisbon
Phones: +351 910 645 779 (also Whatsapp |
+351 912 305 434 (also Whatsapp)

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Price promotions for any of the products, equipment or services are only valid until the date stipulated in the promotion leaflet, no exceptions!

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We accept all debit and credit cards allowed by Stripe as it is the only credit card payment system we currently use.

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Phone: +1-786-546-8347 (also whatsapp)


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