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    Hialuronidase Mesotherapy


    Product description / details:

    Injectable hyaluronic acid (HA) is currently considered gold standard treatment in the aesthetic approach for correction of wrinkles, contour loss and facial volume replacement.

    In 2012, around two million procedures were performed using dermal fillers, according to data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 5% more than in 2011 and 205% more than in 2000, being only behind botulinum toxin type A, these being the two minimally invasive and non-surgical cosmitic procedures performed in the interval studied.1 Data of the Society American Association of Dermatological Surgeons trend, and a survey conducted in the period from 2001 to 2007 showed that the procedure performed by dermatologists who the more it was the skin filling, with incredible expansion of 405%, with 70% consisting of base of HA. This popularity of AH is attributed to its accessibility, quality and relative safety, and clinical outcomes rapid and significant.2-4 However, it is to be expected that, concomitant with the growth in the use of HA-based fillers, these are the most implicated with undesirable and sometimes serious effects.5 Although it is a degradable substance by the body and most of the adverse effects are only some complications require aggressive and rapid treatment, in order to reduce the risk of sequelae or morbidities. Thus, the dermatologist must be able to control these events, through the application of an enzyme that degrades specifically that substance, hyaluronidase.

    Because it’s an enzyme that exists in your body its unharmful and has no contra indications.

    Protocol & Treatments

    Protocols for Use: 

    Use it to Remove fat, hialuronic acid or any other material you wish to remove (organic and non organic)

    1- dilute the powder of Hialuronidase in the vial in Saline solution at 0,9% or bacteriostatic water 4 or 5 ml max (inject the solution inside the vial of Hialuronidase). Mix normally until the powder is completely diluted

    2- analyze the area to be treated with Hialuronidase and locate the extension of the encapsulated material you wish to remove

    3- you must use the quantity of the diluted product to cover the whole extension of the area to be treated. Make sure that the quantity of the diluted product really covers all the area to be treated, don’t leave any spot left as the encapsulated material will remain inside the body and can deform completely that area.

    3- usually after administrated the Hialuronidase in the area to be treated the material will be dissolved completely after 3 to 4 hours max. Relax and trust us, the dermic membranes will be totally reconstituted after 24 hours

    4- Hialuronidase DOES NOT have any negative collateral effect to your patient, this is a very safe product and administrate an excessive quantity won’t do any harm, you’ll just be wasting your product and money.

    5- if  the non organic material you wish to remove has too many years encapsulated you must wait one week before a new treatment until the desired effect is finally achieved.

    6- use a 1 up to 3 cc syringe with a 30G x 1/2 or 27G x 1/2 needle.

    7- make sure, when you inject, that the needle entered inside the capsule of the material you wish to remove and then deposit the diluted Hialuronidase inside that capsule. To inject put the needle at 45 or 90 degrees of the skin depending on the area to be treated and the quantity of encapsulated material you wish to remove. Make sure the needle really penetrates the capsule where the material is in all its extension and deposit the right amount of diluted Hialuronidase

    8- make sure that all materials are totally aseptic and that there is no contamination whatsoever of the product, needles, syringes gloves etc. Always use  brand new sterile needles and syringes, do not risk to contaminate the product using the same syringe to take twice the diluted Hialuronidase out of the vial and never ever use the same needle. Disinfect always with álcool before penetrate the vial

    9- the Hialuronidase has got its maximum effect before completing the first 4 hours of reconstruction for non organic materials. After the first four hours you can still use the diluted Hialuronidase but only to dissolve hyaluronic acid in excess. Make sure to keep the reconstituted vial in the refrigerator of products and do not mix it with food. The shelf life of the diluted product can last up to 6 months or even more. Hialuronidase is an enzime that helps to dissolve organic and non organic materials in our body. Do not freeze after reconstitution

    Usually you can use 1 cc of diluted Hialuronidase in each upper of inferior eye lid with no problem but please examine the real need of Hialuronidase as you can be trying to dissolve the bone itself or trying to get rid of excess of water provoked for example by high colesterol. Make sure you identify the cause of the eye bags and it really there is some material to remove

    For the double chin or submentonian grease you can inject the diluted Hialuronidase diluída the same way as above mentioned administrating in 5 points of the double chin: 1 at the middle aligned with the nose and two more points each side not more than 2 cm apart in order to cover the total area to be treated . For oversized double chins please be careful as the treatment can provoke flaccidity of the skin. In those cases we recommend after treatment with a radio frequency equipment (preferably fractionated with micro needles and use a Mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid to hidrate the skin, DMAE and Silícium or any other formula for facial flaccidity)

    For adiposity or local grease at the abdomen area we recommend the administration of the diluted Hialuronidase at every 2 cm in order to cover all the area to be treated

    For buttocks, arms, legs or any other area of the body use the same protocol as for the abdomen adiposity

    Using the same protocol you also treat cellulitis wherever it is because the Hialuronidase helps to eliminate the excess of liquid that produces it.

    The diluted material by the Hialuronidase will drain itself naturally by the linfatic system, fezes and urine. This is why you must recommend your patient to drink a lot of water after the treatment.

    Recommendation:  do not administrate any type of filler ( and only the ones approved by the FDA) before 60 days after administrating the Hialuronidase so that your body can recover completely it’s natural form. Only then you must evaluate if the patient needs any other type of treatment so that you can have beauty with health and harmony.


    Therapmedic special formula of Hialuronidase is even more powerfull. After diluted with saline solution it can dissolve not only Hialuronic acid but also other substances life fat or water bags in some critical areas like under the eyes. In fact for eye bags this is the only product we recommend.

    Can be used to dissolve any type of substance that you want to eliminate like fat, water bags by water retention, even silicone form the lips.

    We have proved that even after 30 years of treating lips with silicone (which is totally forbidden almost all over the world now) Therapmedic Hyaluronidase could eliminate this silicone from the lips after 3 hours of the treatment.

    In some cases the repetition of the treatment is required until the desired result is obtained. Repetition of the treatment should be done at least in weekly intervals.



    Hialuronidase is also foun in our bodies so the body will not reject it. Special formula Hialuronidase from Therapmedic is so powerful that can dissolve in a couple of hours al strange materials in our bodies like stubborn fat, water retention deposits for example under he eyes, even silicone from the lips. Just make sure the product is administraded up to 4 hours after diluted. After those 4 hours the product can still be used but only as an excess Hialuronic acid (filler) dissolver.

    No matter how hard the product is encapsulated, as lonk as it’s administrated exactly inside the deposit of product you wish to take out, it will dissolve it. Wait at least 5 days before doing another treatment as our bodies take those 5 days to fully recover and to reconstitute its tissues.

    Active Ingredients

    Active Ingredients


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