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    Extra – 618 GEM - IPL


    Product description / details:

    The Extra – 618 is the outcome of more than a decade of treatments and thousands of devices  operated worldwide. It is based on Active’s GEM-PL technology, it sets a specific Pulse  Pattern according to the selected treatment type, skin color, skin photosensitivity and treatment  depth. It contains unique features:

    • Contemporary touch screen control.
    • Built-in Patch Test procedure for examining the optimal energy level.
    • A stunning number of 450,000 flashes in both lamps.
    • The Large Hand-piece has a Push Button in addition to the Foot Switch making work easier  and faster for the therapist.


    • CE MDD
    • FDA

    *     ISO-13485

    *     IEC 60-601-1

    • CFS
    • CSA
    • TGA

    Special Features

    The Extra – 618 has a dual cooling system, controlled and monitored in order to ensure long  lifetime to the lamp and a comfortable treatment to the patient.


    Skin rejuvenation.
    Pigmentation treatment.
    Acne treatment.
    Hair removal.
    Vascular (facial) treatment.
    Tattoo removal.


    • Hand-pieces: Integrated body or facial hand-pieces, just one hand piece!
    • Chilled Tip: Up to 4c.
    • Pulse Interval: 0.5~2 Seconds.
    • Output Power: 1-31 joule/cm2, up to 4,000W.
    • Cooling System: Revolutionary dual cooling.
    • Control: Intuitive touch screen control.
    • Lamp’s Life Span: 250,000 Flashes (Universal) – 200,000 Flashes (Facial).
    • Treatment Area: 7.5 cm(15*50mm) – Universal 4.5 cm(15*30mm) Facial.
    • Wavelength: 420-1100 nm.
    • Weight: 42Kg (including stand).
    • Dimensions: 44cm x 45cm x 100cm.

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